Ryan Meili, guy I know, running for NDP leader.

I’m not really ideologically or temperamentally a New Democrat. And I have to admit that I haven’t paid much attention to provincial politics for the last couple years – the drama in the States has been so much more compelling. So it came as a surprise to me to find out that a guy I know, Ryan Meili, is running for the leadership of the Saskatchewan New Democrats.

I’m not going to “endorse” his candidacy (not that my endorsement would be worth a damn to him). But since I’ve met Ryan on numerous occasions, and been beaten at Scrabble by him once or twice, I think I’m qualified to observe that he’s an engaging, sincere, and frighteningly smart guy; and in a political process where sincerity and intelligence often seem depressingly undervalued, I hope he does well. I think he will. He’ll definitely work his nuts off.



1 Response to “Ryan Meili, guy I know, running for NDP leader.”

  1. 1 Jason Hammond March 19, 2009 at 11:25 am

    When I first heard that Ryan had entered the race, I turned to a friend we had in common (someone who attended medical school with him) for insight.

    This mutal friend gave a similar report on Ryan to what you say – that he is intelligent, hard-working and engaging.

    What I’ve seen so far has proven this early assessment to be true.

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