A non-comprehensive list of writers and books quoted or discussed on this blog. Sorted by last names:



Alexander, Scott

Amis, Kingsley

kingsley amis new maps of hell kingsley amis what became of jane austen?
kingsley amis collected short stories kingsley amis jake's thing
kingsley amis stanley and the women kingsley amis the king's english

Amis, Martin

martin amis the moronic inferno martin amis experience
martin amis koba the dread martin amis the war against cliche

Arendt, Hannah

Austen, Jane


Baker, Nicholson

nicholson baker the mezzanine nicholson baker u and i
nicholson baker a box of matches

Barzun, Jacques

jacques barzun from dawn to decadence

Beckett, Samuel

samuel beckett waiting for godot

Beerbohm, Max

max beerbohm selected prose

Belloc, Hilaire

hilaire belloc selected essays

Bellow, Saul

saul bellow humboldt's gift saul bellow ravelstein

Bloom, Allan

allan bloom the closing of the american mind

Bloom, Harold

harold bloom the western canon

Boswell, James

Brontë, Emily

emily bronte wuthering heights

Bulgakov, Mikhail

mikhail bulgakov the master and margarita translator mirra ginsburg

Bunyan, John

Burke, Edmund

Burroughs, Edgar Rice

edgar rice burroughs the return of tarzan


Cain, James M.

Carpenter, Humphrey

humphrey carpenter the brideshead generation

Chabon, Michael

michael chabon the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay

Chekhov, Anton

Chesterton, G.K.

g.k. chesterton the wisdom of father brown g.k. chesterton essays and poems

Chong, Kevin

Coetzee, J.M.

j.m coetzee foe

Crichton, Michael

Crossman, Richard H. (editor)

richard h. crossman editor the god that failed


Darwin, Charles

Defoe, Daniel

daniel defoe robinson crusoe

Derbyshire, John

john derbyshire we are doomed

Dickens, Charles

Didion, Joan

joan didion slouching towards bethlehem

Diefenbaker, John

john diefenbaker one canada

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor

Dreher, Rod


Eliot, George

george eliot the mill on the floss george eliot middlemarch


Faulker, William

Fielding, Henry

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

f. scott fitzgerald the great gatsby

Flaubert, Gustave

Forster, E.M.

e.m. forster a passage to india e.m. forster aspects of the novel
e.m. forster two cheers for democracy

Fraser, George MacDonald

george macdonald fraser flashman and the redskins

Frayn, Michael

michael frayn towards the end of the morning

Fukuyama, Francis

francis fukuyama the end of history and the last man


Graves, Robert

robert graves i claudius robert graves count belisarius

Greene, Graham

graham greene the ministry of fear graham greene the end of the affair

Griffin, John Howard

john howard griffin black like me


Hammett, Dashiell

the novels of dashiell hammett

Hardy, Thomas

thomas hardy jude the obscure

Hazlitt, William

Heinlein, Robert A.

robert a. heinlein the puppet masters robert a heinlein farmer in the sky
robert a. heinlein have space suit will travel robert a. heinlein the past through tomorrow
robert a. heinlein i will fear no evil robert a. heinlein time enough for love
robert a. heinlein expanded universe robert a. heinlein the number of the beast
robert a. heinlein the cat who walks through walls robert a heinlein to sail beyond the sunset

Heller, Joseph

joseph heller catch-22

Hemingway, Ernest

ernest hemingway a moveable feast


herodotus the histories

Hilton, James

Hitchens, Christopher

christopher hitchens hitch 22

Hitchens, Peter


homer the odyssey

Huxley, Aldous

aldous huxley brave new world


Jacobs, Jane

jane jacobs the death and life of great american cities

James, Clive

clive james from the land of shadows clive james north face of soho
clives james cultural amnesia

James, Henry

James, M.R.

James, P.D.

James, William

Johnson, Paul

paul johnson modern times

Johnson, Samuel

July, Miranda


Kagan, Donald

donald kagan thucydides the reinvention of history

Koestler, Arthur

arthur koestler darkness at noon

Kundera, Milan

milan kundera the book of laughter and forgetting


Lee, Harper

harper lee to kill a mockingbird

Lethem, Jonathan

jonathan lethem the fortress of solitude jonathan lethem the disappointment artist

Levin, Ira

Lewis, C.S.

c.s. lewis the abolition of man

Littell, Jonathan

jonathan littell the kindly ones


MacLean, Katherine

katherine maclean the diploids

Mamet, David

david mamet make-believe town

Marx, Groucho (and Richard J. Anobile)

the marx bros. scrapbook

Maugham, W. Somerset

w. somerset maugham the moon and sixpence

McCarthy, Cormac

cormac mccarthy blood meridian

Mencken, H.L.

the vintage mencken

Miller, Frank

Miller, Walter M.

walter m. miller a canticle for leibowitz

Mitford, Nancy

nancy mitford the pursuit of love nancy mitford love in a cold climate
nancy mitford the blessing nancy mitford voltaire in love
nancy mitford noblesse oblige

Monsarrat, Nicholas

nicholas monsarrat the cruel sea

Moore, Alan


Nabokov, Vladimir

vladimir nabokov speak memory

Newman, Peter C.

Nietzsche, Friedrich

Niven, David

david niven bring on the empty horses

Niven, Larry & Jerry Pournelle

larry niven jerry pournelle lucifer's hammer


Orwell, George

george orwell homage to catalonia


Pekar, Harvey & R. Crumb

r. crumb and harvey pekar bob and harv's comics



Pournelle, Jerry

Powell, Anthony

Pynchon, Thomas

thomas pynchon gravity's rainbow


Renault, Mary

mary renault the last of the wine mary renault the persian boy
mary renault the nature of alexander mary renault funeral games

Roth, Philip

philip roth the facts

Runyon, Damon

damon runyon omnibus

Russell, Bertrand

bertrand russell the conquest of happiness


Sailer, Steve

Salinger, J.D.

j.d. salinger the catcher in the rye

Sayers, Dorothy L.

dorothy l. sayers lord peter views the body

Schulman, J. Neil

Shakespeare, William

william shakespeare complete works

Shaw, George Bernard

george bernard shaw saint joan

Shute, Nevil

nevil shute the chequer board nevil shute the far country
nevil shute in the wet nevil shute slide rule

Simmons, Dan

Snow, C.P.

c.p. snow the light and the dark c.p. snow corridors of power
c.p. snow the sleep of reason

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander

alexander solzhenitsyn cancer ward alexander solzhenitsyn the first circle
alexander solzhenitsyn august 1914 alexander solzhenitsyn the gulag archipelago

Steinbeck, John

john steinbeck the grapes of wrath


stendhal the red and the black

Steyn, Mark

Stone, I.F.

i.f. stone the trial of socrates

Stout, Rex

rex stout the league of frightened men rex stout too many cooks

Swift, Jonathan


Tey, Josephine

josephine tey the daughter of time

Theroux, Paul

paul theroux the great railway bazaar paul theroux riding the iron rooster
paul theroux ghost train to the eastern star


Tolstoy, Leo

leo tolstoy great short works

Trilling, Lionel

lionel trilling the liberal imagination

Twain, Mark

mark twain tom sawyer huckleberry finn


Updike, John

john updike the coup



Vonnegut, Kurt

kurt vonnegut mother night kurt vonnegut breakfast of champions


Wallace, David Foster

Watts, Peter

peter watts blindsight

Waugh, Evelyn

evelyn waugh a handful of dust evelyn waugh brideshead revisited
evelyn waugh when the going was good evelyn waugh the loved one

Wells, H.G.

Wodehouse, P.G.

p.g. wodehouse thank you jeeves

Wolfe, Tom

tom wolfe radical chic tom wolfe the right stuff

Wylie, Philip

philip wylie tomorrow philip wylie triumph

Michael A. Charles is a writer, animator, and musician currently living in the Vancouver area. He used to be the singer and guitarist for the band known as Sea Water Bliss.

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