Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Plato is alright when he’s talking about concrete things, like countries and wars and women, but I haven’t got much patience for the abstract discussions of Justice and Truth and how the Four Virtues correspond, in some elaborate way, with the different aspects of the human spirit. Most of which I’ve already forgotten, anyway, so I can’t even explain what I’m talking about. It’s interesting how Plato will have Socrates say something really outrageous, like how in the ideal state it will be necessary to control the mating of humans, like dogs or racehorses, in order to perfect the breed, and his interlocutors will say, “But of course, Socrates”, or “Undoubtedly this is true, Socrates”, and they’ll move calmly on; but then he’ll unwind something incomprehensible like the bit about the Four Virtues and the group will spend the next forty pages arguing every aspect of it. Less boring stuff, Plato! More juicy details about infanticide and naked gymnastics, please.

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Michael A. Charles is a writer, animator, and musician currently living in the Vancouver area. He used to be the singer and guitarist for the band known as Sea Water Bliss.

You can find a selection of his cartoons, music videos, and ads on the Gallery page.

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