Mon, 24 Oct 2005

Anyone watch the new Trudeau mini-series on CBC last night? It’s all about Trudeau’s early years as a world-travelling intellectual playboy. I assumed the show would be idiotic, but it’s kind of fun. The filmmakers nicely capture what an infuriating, arrogant sonofabitch he could be. I missed the first hour, so I didn’t have to endure any cheap psychoanalysis about his relationship with his mother. I tuned in just as he was returning from his round-the-world tour. Here’s the two-minute version:

TRUDEAU FRIEND #1: Ah, pity poor Pierre! So brilliant, but so contentious.

TRUDEAU FRIEND #2: I love him, but sometimes he makes me so angry!

Enter Trudeau, with an absurd beard, walking on his hands.

TRUDEAU: Hello, my friends.

FRIEND #1: Ha ha, Pierre, always making a spectacle of yourself.

TRUDEAU: By no means! It’s a habit I picked up in the Punjab.

FRIEND #2: Well, you’ve arrived just in time for our meeting with a Highly Important Political Figure. Now, Pierre, you must restrain your superior intellect and be courteous when you greet our guest!

TRUDEAU: Of course, of course.

Enter a Highly Important Political Figure. Friends #1 & #2 kiss his ring. Trudeau hangs back, stroking his absurd beard.

FRIENDS #1 & #2: Your excellency!

HIGHLY IMPORTANT POLITICAL FIGURE: I’m sorry I’m late, I was delayed by a crowd of ignorant soup-eating Frenchmen.

TRUDEAU: Perhaps if our countrymen had a taste of the democracy they were promised, they would lose their taste for soup.


The Highly Important Political Figure storms out.

FRIEND #1: Pierre, you will never get ahead with an attitude like that!

TRUDEAU [in lotus position]: Perhaps not, my friend. Perhaps not.

He hops in a canoe and paddles out of the room.

FRIEND #2: Ah, Pierre, Pierre! He infuriates me so!

FRIEND #1: And yet we love him.

FRIEND #2: Yes, we love him.



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Michael A. Charles is a writer, animator, and musician currently living in the Vancouver area.

Michael is the singer and guitarist for the band known as Sea Water Bliss and the creator of Garson Hampfield, Crossword Inker.

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