Mon, 03 Jun 2002

Our guitarist Jason has a run-of-the-mill Canadian accent but uses fancy-pants English expressions all the time. My favourite is “chuffed”. (Which sounds like it means something bad, but doesn’t.) And he pronounces “algae” with a hard “G”. I find it quite entertaining. He has the excuse that both his parents are British, and he lived in the UK throughout his formative teenage years.

I relate this by way of defending Dean, who, though neither of his parents is British, and though he’s only lived in the U.K. a little less than two years, employs his British slang with great relish, and therefore has as much right to it as the most tea-soaked Cheapside football hooligan. (Is Cheapside still there? I only know it from Dickens.) Why shouldn’t one use the slang one favours? Why be bound by custom to the vernacular of one’s birth? People adapt their manner of speech all the time, for all kinds of reasons – to fit in, to social-climb, to make a political statement. “Just cos I like it” is as good a reason as any.

The thought of Dean stridin’ around London in his big boxy shoes with his big honkin’ Saskatchewan accent amuses me greatly. I like to imagine him hailing his workmates as he arrives to work each morning, brolly in one hand, mobile phone in the other: “I seen this awesome show last night on the telly,” he tells them, “And I’m right chuffed!”


1 Response to “Ta-ta, y’all: A Canadian accent in England.”

  1. 1 Amber November 20, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Canadians are a bunch of annoying people. Canadians don’t have accents…they just think they do. They just speak normal English. There is nothing special about how they talk.

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