Fri, 12 Mar 2004

Hey. Had a dream about you. Well, it wasn’t really about you, but you were in it.

I was at a party along with Jenn, Kurt, Warren, Stu, you, and a few other people. One of the games at this party involved some kind of exercise bike that was hooked up to a computer. If you pedalled the exercise bike long enough, and with a steady enough rhythm, you moved up through a series of levels that were represented by flashing animal icons on the computer screen – beaver, rat, duck, etc.

Stu rode the exercise bike the longest and reached the level of water buffalo. Everyone was pretty impressed. But then, after everyone had given up and moved on to a different room, I decided to try the game. I sat on the exercise-bicycle and pedalled away for hours. Finally I reached the level of water buffalo. But I just kept on pedalling, and I reached an even higher level, where I was summoned into the presence of a disembodied voice who asked me to design a Scrabble tile with a symbol that would represent all human knowledge. Rather than create a tile, I submitted a tiny slip of paper with the words “Who are we to contemplate infinity?” written on it. The disembodied voice acknowledged this as the correct answer, and I was declared the winner of the game.

Then I was returned to the party, where everyone was excited that I had won the game. All the girls kissed me on the lips. Then I went into another room, where I found you eating a giant doughnut. You were unaware that you had chocolate glazing and coconut crumbs smeared all over your face. I pointed it out and you laughed.


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Michael A. Charles is a writer, animator, and musician currently living in the Vancouver area.

Michael is the singer and guitarist for the band known as Sea Water Bliss and the creator of Garson Hampfield, Crossword Inker.

You can find many of Michael's videos on the Gallery page.

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