My new thing.

Windows 7 Launch PartyI haven’t been blogging much since summer began. Every time I finish a book or see a movie I’ll try and come up with something to say about it, but usually I decide after a few paragraphs that whatever point I’m trying to make is too trite or muddled to bother putting into words. This is a self-defeating atttitude for a blogger to have, obviously. Isn’t the primary symptom of the modern neurosis the conviction that every stray thought you have is worthy of broadcast, preferably at top volume? Am I cured of modernity?

Not likely, because here I am tapping away, having decided to once again break my rule against pimping for the company that employs me. Please direct your gaze to my other blog, which I maintain in my capacity as marketing weenie for a local internet startup, and where yesterday I posted a brief comic-style ad poking fun at Microsoft’s new “Windows 7 Launch Party” video campaign. Esoteric, I know. The ad turned out pretty well, although it was a rush job – I conceived and assembled it over a single Sunday, one eye cocked on the scurrying zeitgeist. When I posted the ad Monday morning the zeitgeist gave it a brief glance, then squeezed under a loose floorboard and was gone.

Lately at my job I’ve drifted away from animation. It pains me, but I can’t blame my employers for concluding that the investment of time in any single cartoon far outweighs the likely return. But it turns out that a lot of the skills I’ve been honing in the animation realm are easily transferable to the medium of comics. Now that I’ve overcome the psychological obstacle of not knowing how to draw – that is, I’ve learned to live with the guilt of accepting payment for doing something that by rights I shouldn’t be doing at all – I might experiment a bit more with non-moving cartoons. They offer fewer technical obstacles – I don’t have to worry about sound synchronisation or frame rates or video compression – which means I can devote more of my attention to the actual drawing, Or, in my case, the tracing.


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Michael A. Charles is a writer, animator, and musician currently living in the Vancouver area. He used to be the singer and guitarist for the band known as Sea Water Bliss.

You can find a selection of his cartoons, music videos, and ads on the Gallery page.

Michael isn't on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter and won't be on whatever comes along next. If you need to reach him here's his contact info.

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